Here are some links for you to try
If you don't like them, I will simply die
Oh well ho hum what can I do?
Check them out now, or die by the shoe!


Keenspace - They host this site. They are awesome!

Anime On DVD - I check this site multiple times a day. I love my anime and I love my DVDs!

Animenation - Another great anime site, this is one of the best online retailers!

Anime Jump! - Ok ok, no more anime sites! This one has funny bootleg toy reviews!

Soundtrack Central - If you like video game music, check it out. They have lots of reviews!

WOWL - I have a radio show at FAU, check it out! Fridays 2-4PM, although not until 8/31.

FiredAgain - My band website. Im sure it will change soon, but until then, this is it!

Falling Down - This is my online diary thing. Read it and enter my mundane world!

Record Labels

Lookout! Records - East Bay pop punk at its best!

Victory Records - Good metal/hardcore and home of Strife and Snapcase!

Saddle Creek - Home of Bright Eyes and other good indie rock!

Subcity Records - Every release benefits good causes! Pick something up!

Epitaph Records - Run by Mr. Brett of Bad Religion, this label has everything!

Online Comics and Art


Moon Blum Studios - I met this artist on my recent trip to Japan. She's a cool chick with a lot of talent. Check it out. 

Space Cadet Studios - Another cool girl I met in Japan. She is also very talented.