Story Guide

Here is a guide that you can use with the archive to jump to specific storylines. The links bring you to the beginning of each storyline.

First Comic and Humble Beginnings: 6/29/01

The Saga of FiredAgain: 7/17/01

Color Gag Strips: 8/8/01

The Superhumans!: 8/29/01

More Gag Strips and the Epic of a Broken Scanner: 9/24/01

Tom Wants to Kill Himself and the Journey to CityTown: 11/26/01

Enter Citytown and the Robot Battle: 1/7/02

The Floating Island of Doom: 6/10/02

Going Home: 9/30/02

Return to the Daily Grind: 11/6/02

The Problem with Stephie: 12/30/02

The Evil Orb: 2/7/03

Wire Needs a Girlfriend and Tom's Return: 7/2/03

Lets Get the Band Back Together and The Breakup: 9/5/03

Astro Zombies: 12/19/03

Tom's Emotional Turmoil and Wire Gets a Bazooka: 3/31/04

Tom Runs Away: 5/19/04

Back to CityTown: 6/18/04

The Trolls of Finland: 7/26/04

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