Name: Tom

Age: 19

Likes: Anime, punk rock, drawing, being obnoxious.

Dislikes: Blind followers, trends, ignorance, tomatoes.

Tom is the main character. He generally over dramatizes anything and everything. Some say he picked up his righteous political beliefs just to annoy everyone, but they are WRONG! Tom pilots a big, ugly robot, and is prone to snapping when he screws up. He is also cynical.

Name: Derek

Age: 21

Likes: Music, DBZ.

Dislikes: Damn if I know

Derek is the drummer for FiredAgain. Thats about it.

Name: Who knows.. Lets call him Small Fry

Age: 18

Likes: Robot battles

Dislikes: Nothing really, hes pretty laid back.

Small Fry first appears as a guide of sorts when Tom reaches CityTown. He brings Wire to Tom, and that is how this whole robot mess starts. He reappears later as Tom's fourth rival in the Robot Battle. Since he is a loner, no one knows much about him, but he is friendly enough, so no one questions him.

Name: ?? (Evil Guy)

Age: Mid-Twenties

Likes: Death and Destruction

Dislikes: Goodness, the Military

The first real villain of the comic, he was out to destroy the world using his flying island fortress. He is hell bent on revenge against the military, who left him scarred for life and discharged him for questionable tactics during wartime. After being stopped by Tom and the gang, he is now rotting away in prison. 




Name: Caroline

Age: 20

Likes: Bjork, mice, dogs, cats, animals. Its all the same.

Dislikes: Toms criticisms.

Caroline is Toms girlfriend. They get along most of the time, but sometimes shit goes down and Caroline has no choice but to slap on her headstompers! Oh yeah she likes bad movies and bad music.* She only appears a few times, but she will be back.... 

* These are bad only in Toms opinion.

Name: Wire

Age: 18

Likes: Competition, toying with people's freedom..

Dislikes: Not having his headband.

Wire is a big jerk. Well, he was a big jerk, but hes kinda ok now. He runs the robot battles because he is the undisputed champion. Wire is very pompous, but he also comes through when his friends need him. 

Name: Jason

Age: 21

Likes: Girls, computers, guitar, idiots like Chris Rock.

Dislikes: Almost everything Tom likes.

Jason plays guitar in FiredAgain. He and Tom are best buddies and go on insane adventures together. He is shipped to CityTown (Priority Mail) by Tom, and becomes his mechanic.

Name: Noritaka Sawamura

Age: ??

He doesn't exist in the comic, but he is where I get my handle from. So I put his picture here in honor of how awesome he truly is.

Name: Matt

Age: 16

Likes: Himself, Counterstrike, emo.

Dislikes: Everyone who is not him.

Matt is Toms brother. They hate each other. Matts only purpose in this strip is to partake in any band strips, or to be subjected to torture when I, Sawamura!, have a bad day.

Name: Tim

Age: 18

Likes: Anime, philosophy, girls.

Dislikes: Stupid people, corruption.

Tim is Toms ex roommate. He is on his way to law school and likes to spout philosophy. Tom tunes him out. How nice. He played bass in FiredAgain.

Name: Stephie

Age: 19

Likes: Fixing things

Dislikes: Wire's attitude for the most part, competition.

Stephie is Wire's mechanic. She doesnt really like the way he makes people compete against him for his entertainment, but the pay is good so she compromises her morals for him. After meeting Tom, she quickly takes a liking to him, but is too shy to tell him how she feels. (Clichéd no?)

More to come!

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