Other Comics
Obviously this is where I show off my other comics. All two of them. But I am always working on more, so they will be added as I get the chance to finish them. These comics are generally bad, but I like them, so here they are.

Blood and Guts: This is a comic I drew for a zine my friend Kira was putting together. Its the first one of I dont know how many. Its just people         getting chopped up.

George: This is the new comic Ive been working on. Well this is just a one shot I drew one night cause I was bored. Its not called George, but until I find a real name for it, it is.

Seven Months Till June Chapter 1: This is the first chapter of the untitled adventures of George! Finally. Also, next time, I WILL use a ruler to make the panels.
Page 1         Page 2        Page 3         Page 4        Page 5        Page 6            

Ok I didnt use rulers, but here is Chapter 2 of Seven Months Till June. I whipped this one up in three days as opposed to one year, but in any case, here is more George goodness.
Page1          Page 2        Page 3         Page 4        Page 5        Page 6

Fucked Up: Yay my first dirty comic. I dont know why I drew this, but I did, so enjoy. Note: I dont really think this way........................

Back I say!